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Fishbone Knotless Gear Ties Are Perfect For Strapping Things Up In A Garage!


We know that you probably have a garage full of stuff and that you have many things you need to have remained tied-up. You might have kids soccer stuff that needs to remain tied up or you might have a bunch of baseball bats for little league that need to stay on a shelf. Either way, you could really use some of our paracord along with some of our fishbone knotless gear ties. These are perfect for strapping things up, whether it be temporarily or long-term!

Here at Fish Bone Fish, we know that your garage is something you take very seriously. Organization is probably your top priority, as it typically saves most people time in the long run. Perhaps you need some yard equipment tied up in safe storage so your kids will not knock it over and cause potential damage to your equipment or themselves. Or maybe you have some lawn stuff tied up, like tiki torches, and need them to remain stable in a corner of your garage, then you'll love what some paracord and our fishbone knotless gear ties can do. 

The objective and mission of our fishbone knotless gear ties, along with paracord... is stability. That's why we highly advise you buy one of our ties with some paracord, is it'll give you some stability, and in quite a few different ways. Please browse through our site and look at the many different types of fishbone knotless gear ties, as we bet you'll be impressed! 

A Strong And Titanium-Made Metal Gear Tie - Fishbone

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550 Paracord Accessories: Tie Off The Gear On Your Truck/ATV in No Time!

When it comes to using something to tie down your gear with, there is nothing better than using our 550 Paracord Accessories. You'll be able to quickly tie down any gear you have and make sure it's strapped down appropriately. Say you are coming back from a hunting camp and you are on an ATV, [...]

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Our Piranha Fishbone Knotless Gear Tie With No Serrated Edges Makes For Easy Usage!

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Metal Gear Tie - Fishbone Has An 8 Pack That's Perfect For You!

Most people love some good wholesome camping and also love to make sure that their camping gear is tied up good and tight when they travel. When it comes to fully packing sleeping bags, tents, sleeping pads, clothes and anything else related, there's nothing better than tying it up with some paracord. Paracord was originally [...]

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A 4-Pack Of The Best 550 Paracord Accessories

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Very Helpful 550 Paracord Accessories

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An Exceptional Fishbone Knotless Gear Tie

Isn't it a major hassle having to continuously re-do paracord ties on all your gear? Well we know it is for us and that's why we highly recommend our very useful Fishbone Knotless Gear Tie. It's a no-knots cord tightener specifically designed for paracords. It has no serrated edges and the fish eye doubles as [...]

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