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  • 12 Titanium Fish Bones with 50' Paracord
  • Fish Bone works great as an extra hand with car repairs!
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  1. I don't have the words... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2014

    I just love these things. Saw them on the kickstarter, but not soon enough to help get them off the ground. But as soon as I could get them off the website I got a small pack to try out. A little background... I'm a paracord addict. I always have some on me, it's my cordage of choice when camping, but I got beyond. My wife might say to unhealthy degrees. My shoelaces are paracord, I make sure every family member has paracord in their emergency car kit, I tied down just about everything in our yard with paracord. It's an addiction, i know.

    But like all the rest of you that love your paracord, you know what happens to a knot in paracord under load after a few days. There's not way it's coming out. You just cut it off and burn a new end. And little by little your paracord shrinks. I've tried all sorts of tie-offs and devices. Some have worked pretty well, some have been terrible. The true test seems to be tying something down that goes from taut to slack repeatedly. The testing device in my experiments has been our backyard canopy in wind storms.

    Every tie off device I've had so far fails on that one. There's a figure 9 beener thing that came close. But in a good strong wind it still works loose overnight.

    The fishbone was the first device that has passed perfectly. I did a little double tuck back through the eye hole, and it didn't work loose even a little. I was hooked (ha! pun!)

    I've ordered more and more since, and they've become my sole paracord tie-off device. Now along with that 50ft of paracord every family member must keep in their car, they must have 4 fishbone gear ties in their emergency kit as well.

    As far as the titanium, I don'k know if you'd really need it over aluminum. I've never had a problem with the aluminum. With my last order I decided to give the titanium a try. Performance-wise, I can't say I noticed a difference.

    But when I talk to people about my fishbone gear ties (and anyone who asks me the 'what's with all the paracord' question is going to get a talk about fishbone gear ties too, whether they want it or not) I'll admit I feel just a little bit cooler when I can say "and it's made out of titanium".

  2. Titanium Fish Bone 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Apr 2014

    Great delivery time to Australia (quicker than goods I get post in the city I live in)
    The Titanium has a great feels so much warmer than Aluminum

    Would love see some heat treated as it should take on some great colors

  3. Love the 550 Paracord Accessories Online Here 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Oct 2013

    I am definitely glad to have found Fish Bone online. Their 550 paracord accessories are exactly what we need on our trips. I will be back for more that's for sure.

Gone Camping 2.0: 12 Pack - Fish Bone (Titanium) w/ 50' Paracord

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Product Description

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Gone Camping 2.0: A set of twelve (12) Fish Bones in G2 grade Titanium, plus 50’ of paracord.

A no knots cord tightener specifically designed for paracord and any rope or cord 5/32" and below.

No serrated edges.

The fish eye doubles as a quick release.

Form: Approximate Measurements: 9/16" x 2" x 1/8"

Function: Easy to set up and even easier to undo.

The smooth edges keep it from catching on other gear while in use. It can be used "in line", "in loop", "quick release" or however else you can think of.

Compact but mighty, a few simple wraps does all the work.


This item includes: twelve (12) Titanium (G2) Fish Bones and 50' of Paracord.


(Choice of Black, Neon Green, Caribbean Blue, or Reflective/Glow in the Dark - Black).



WARNING: Fish Bone products are not intended for climbing or load bearing applications where failure would cause damage or injury.