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“I have my fishbones holding up my Custom Titanium paper towel holder, works great and is super simple to change rolls now since it hangs using paracord. ”


“I bought The Snapper for my daughter and she loves it! It has now become an essential tool to keep in her jeep.


“LOVE it !!!”


“I am so happy to have my Fishbones. Only problem is they are starting to swim away with every visitor so I have had to hide them.”


 “Thanks for the great product!”


“Awesome product and am very pleased. Thanks so much!”


“I love how well they work...


“Thank you! they were a big hit at my son's Boy Scout Jamboree in NC this year..”


“Got mine a few days ago, another outstanding job guys! Quality and execution flawless once again, looking forward to the next offering!”


“I received all of my order! WOOT! Gave it to an outdoorsie friend and he said


"Sweet, so I don't have to keep cutting my para cord, now I can actually tie something up and get the knot undone!" yikes! lol. So you device saved the lives of some future para cord for sure :) Thanks again.”


“Results: WORKS GREAT!!”


“I'm currently using some of my Fishbones to lash my SLR Tripod to my bag for my upcoming trip to Peru ;) Cheers!”


“I received my order perfectly here in Spain. Great product. Thanks.”


“Got my fishbones a couple of days ago. I used them to secure the tarpaulin over a load bound for the dump, and they did the job brilliantly. Great product, thanks for the chance to purchase!”


“Just got back from a camping trip, used my piranhas as sliding pulleys for my hammock tarp, worked perfectly with the basic tail knot and the slide through the eye didn't budge a bit! awesome!”


“Got my Piranha`s in Germany, they are great. I did a paracort braclet with them, looks awsome ;)

Received and not put down, they are better than I expected, would be good to see some more knot combinations. :-)”


“Already put to use with 30ft of paracord & a Piranha each end as a quick unlock/lock washing line and they work fantastically.

“Was amazed how many great fixings, knots and adjusters you can make by using these with some paracord!REALLY great product.”


“THANK YOU. They were smaller than we thought, but hella mighty! Love using 'em”


“Just recieved mine today! and boy do i love em! 
Tips: if tied right, they fit onto an cobra stitch bar/bracelet. I'm gonna make a long cobra bar and hang 'em from it, when not in use! Look fantastic!”


“I love my set. They are wonderful.”


“Got mine and I'm one happy camper!”


“Wow - they're really useful. Can't wait tolet my friends puzzle about what these are for :)”