An Exceptional Fishbone Knotless Gear Tie

Isn’t it a major hassle having to continuously re-do paracord ties on all your gear? Well we know it is for us and that’s why we highly recommend our very useful Fishbone Knotless Gear Tie. It’s a no-knots cord tightener specifically designed for paracords. It has no serrated edges and the fish eye doubles as a quick release. It’s very easy to perform and set up, and even easier to undo. The smooth edges keeps it from catching on other gear while in use. It can be used “in line”, “in loop”, “quick release” or in any other way you can conjure. It may be compact, but just a few simple wraps does all the work. We have a very popular item that includes four Titanium Fish Bones and 50‘ of Paracord.

We’ve thought a lot about how people move and handle their gear. Fishbone’s low profile and compact size is best for personal use, like any outdoor activities. It works great at securing extra gear to a pack, setting up a clothes line, or anchoring guides lines for tents and tarp shelters. Our midsize gear tie is great for general purpose and it’s originally unique shape doubles as a bottle opener. Plus, it can do this while still being small enough for your keychain. Are you impressed with it’s conveniency yet? It’s also compatible with rope or cord ¼“ or thinner, which means this tie is a great companion, on or off the trail!

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