Very Helpful 550 Paracord Accessories

Firstly, we enjoy talking about 550 Paracord Accessories because we know just how useful they are to so many outdoor enthusiasts. To begin, a paracord is a lightweight nylon cord that was once used in the field by paratroopers. We just so happen to offer the necessary accessories that maximize the potential benefits of the paracord. We found this cord useful for many other tasks and it has an interior core made up of 7 individually twisted strands. These are covered over by a woven exterior sheath. It is now used as a general purpose utility cord by civilians and armed personnel. This versatile cord offers so many benefits, it’s hard to know where to begin.

The cord itself can be found in several colors schemes and several types. The inner strands can be removed from the woven exterior. Then the individual strands can be used as accessory cord or the outer sheath as tubular webbing. Alongside the cord specs, our midsize gear tie is great for general purpose. It doubles as a bottle opener while still being small enough for your keychain. Compatible with rope or cord ¼“ or thinner, it’s a fantastic attribute for your camping gear. Our love for paracord accessories brought us to create the Fishbone Knotless Gear Tie!

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