A Strong And Titanium-Made Metal Gear Tie – Fishbone

One of the many benefits to having the right tools on hand, can be survival. So the next time you go out into the wild, you should consider taking something that can help you out in multiple ways, let alone for its original purpose. We have a titanium-made metal gear tie that’s uniquely qualified to be utilized under several different circumstances. Here at Fishbone, we like to not only distribute these little lifesavers, but explore other options for its usage. 

One of our items is called the Original Fish Bone (titanium), which is far more durable, long-lasting, and stronger than our aluminum version. This is a metal gear tie, constructed of titanium, that is a paracord tightener. It can withstand pressures, heat, cold, and  stress unlike any other metal gear tie we have. Titanium has a stellar reputation for being one of the most dense, well-structured, and strongest metals on the table of elements. Doesn’t that make you want to buy this one over the other versions? 

It can be used in so many ways, such as tightening up paracord, synching thin rope/line, and tying down tents. There are no serrated edges and it actually doubles as a quick release. This means that this metal gear tie is made to help the avid outdoorsman, no matter what angle/adventure you are taking with the wild. Many of us here at Fish Bone Fish have bought the titanium version to our gear ties because we know just how much the difference is in metal-makeup. You can feel good knowing that you made the right choice, as all of our feedback is extremely positive! 

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